Decision Makers use DCM

Decision Makers use DCM to make outstanding, in the moment decisions based on advanced real-time analytics. DCM provides insights on audience sentiment, movement and occupancy levels to help streamline resources, drive engagement, improve planning input and maximize market spend. DCM is feature rich, data driven intelligence at its best. A complete revolution in how to survey your customers.

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HeatMap Features

Geospatial Heatmaps

Based on neural networks and deep learning, the DCM dashboard reports on quantitative measures of social distance, with the ability to visualise density, mood and velocity of people in your space over a real time geospatial heatmap. Easily identify hot spots and drill down into each zone for more detailed analytics.

Alert Level Indicators

The Alert Level Indicator examines the relationship between crowd density, mood and flow and provides a risk indication for each location. The parameters are set according to what's acceptable for your event or space, and expectation of customer comfort levels.

Alert Level Indicator
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Zone Monitoring

The Zone Monitoring indicates real-time measurements and current trends for density, mood and speed at each location, with each zone  filterable by Alert Level.

Data & Trend Analysis

The data playback feature provides real time and retrospective data analysis. It enables you to validate the data against a live image and provides users with a deep understanding of key   moments and metrics.
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Dynamic Crowd Measurement provides me with critical insights when managing crowds. It helps define when pedestrians become a crowd and when crowds need crowd management. Travis Semmens, Managing Director, ACES Group