The Revolution is here!

We have reinvented how to survey your customers using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. DCM brings you powerful insights on sentiment, density and velocity to help you better understand, manage and engage people in your spaces.

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Industry Solutions


Smart Cities

Measure and monitor trends across multiple smart city locations and adjust resources and infrastructure in real-time to suit local requirements.

Leverage DCM data for;

  • Real-time management of critical infrastructure (traffic lights and transport)
  • Real-time allocation of critical resources (police and security)
  • Planning development, critical infrastructure and resource requirements.

Events & Venues

Make outstanding in the moment decisions based on live customer analytics. Understand how the audience perceives your product, event, exhibition stand or presentation.

Leverage DCM data for;

  • Real-time resource allocation
  • Improving customer experience, perception and engagement
  • Mitigating crowd behaviour issues
  • Streamlining productivity & resources
  • Improving event planning.

Transport Hubs

Monitor movement and occupancy levels in real-time and adjust critical infrastructure to improve safety and ensure positive customer experience.

Leverage DCM data for;

  • Improving safety management & compliance
  • Monitoring movement and occupancy levels
  • Real-time resource allocation
  • Improving customer experience, perception and engagement
  • Decision making on critical transport infrastructure.

The Benefits


Enhanced Engagement and Customer Experience

Use a real-time understanding of customer experience to better engage people within your space.


Improved decision making and situational awareness

Make outstanding, in the moment decisions, based on accurate, real-time data on crowds.

Optimised resource and infrastructure management

Use advanced analytics to understand where resources and infrastructure can be best utilised.


Improved planning input

Use powerful data insights to plan infrastructure and resources and as a benchmark for decision making.