Decision Making Intelligence

Dynamic Crowd Measurement (DCM) provides real-time data driven intelligence for informed decision making. It transforms existing CCTV into a powerful platform for understanding sentiment, density and velocity of people in spaces. The process is fast, accurate, automated, non-biased, real-time, quantifiable and privacy protected.

Crowd Analytics Metrics



DCM observes faces and counts smiles to measure and categorize mood as positive, negative or neutral.



DCM identifies the number of people in comparison to useable space. Measured as people per square meter.



DCM understands the speed and direction of people, indicating where they are going and how fast in Km/h.

Social Distance Metrics

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Average Social Distance

The average distance between people in a crowd can be monitored both in real time, and reviewed against historical data to determine a trend within your site.

DCM Social Distance Compliance

Social Distance Compliance

DCM allows users to quantify the level of compliance to social distancing rules and government regulations. This can be done for an entire venue or event, or for any defined areas.

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DCM provides the amount of people detected on field. Headcount can be associated with social distance compliance when measuring the Risk level on the field.


HeatMap Features

Geospatial Heatmap

The DCM dashboard reports on quantitative measures of people characteristics and provides effective visual insights across a Geospatial Heatmap.

AlertLevel Features-1

Alert Level Indicator

The Alert Level Indicator visualises levels of risk by analysing the relationship between density, mood and velocity. Thresholds can be customised to suit all situations.


Zone Monitor Features-1

Zone Monitor

The Zone Monitor provides real-time measurements for each location on density, mood, speed and attention, with each zone filterable by Alert Level.

Playback Feature-1

Data Playback

The Data Playback feature provides users with a deep understanding of  key moments and metrics, by allowing real time and retrospective data review and analysis.


Notifications Manager

The Notifications Manager provides customised updates on crowd metrics and alert levels across multiple locations, alerting you to any change in conditions.

Visual Validator

The Visual Validator enables comparison of data against a live image or heatmap and helps to increase situational awareness across each location.

Getting Started

Utilise existing and/or installed CCTV systems to collect data on crowd behaviour and access the visual insights on your phone, tablet or laptop. Our privacy protected solution is 'plug and play', scalable and secure with multiple deployment options to meet specialized requirements.


Setup an account and select deployment type.

Add multiple cameras from your CCTV network.
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View real-time  insights and alerts from the dashboard.


Make informed decisions & engage with customers.

Technical Requirements