Release Notes February

Release Notes February

Thursday 03 Feb 2022

What’s new at DCM? 

This release we are focused on getting data to you, that is why we have released our first version of our API which can be used with your existing platforms. As we are opening up our platform with others we are also taking additional steps  to ensure that your data is safe. We are doing this by implementing new password policies to ensure your data is secure.

Release: Version 1.0.5
  • First release for the external API

    • Calls you can make with DCM
      • Notifications
      • Density metrics
      • Flow metrics
      • Mood Metrics
      • Head count Metrics
      • Social distancing metrics
  • Updates to password policies
    • passwords will need to be changed every 120 days
    • passwords will need to be 16 characters or longer
  • Improvements to the UI
  • Security upgrades to the platform


For further information, please reach out to me directly.


Eric Chung
Product Manager,
Dynamic Crowd Measurement
+61 448 969 027