DCM awarded DfT x Innovate UK funding as First of a Kind winner

DCM awarded DfT x Innovate UK funding as First of a Kind winner

Friday 02 Jul 2021

Dynamic Crowd Measurement awarded Innovate UK funding for CCTV-based passenger density sensing & optimisation.

Dynamic Crowd Measurement (DCM) has won a share of £9 million of funding as part of First of a Kind (FOAK) competition from, The Department for Transport, in partnership with Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to use CCTV-based passenger density sensing and optimisation using AI and machine learning to deliver accurate and real-time platform and carriage occupancy insights directly to passengers on platforms.  DCM is one of 30 ground-breaking projects to receive funding from Innovate UK, to focus on developing pioneering technology and exceptional ideas that can improve journeys for traveller. 

DCM creates a scalable solution by undertaking further technology development to meet the needs of crowd-management decision-makers in the railway industry and global partners as well as passengers. DCM is excited to be partnering with Nomad Digital, part of Alstom Transportation Group, to use existing CCCTV cameras to analyse crowd position, flow and mood without tracking or personally identifying individuals. This project will see technology that has successfully been used in stadiums and events around the world applied to transport in the UK. 

 DCM’s Founder Andrew Tatrai says: “With significant changes around the world, people are even more conscious of crowded areas and travel on public transport has dropped sharply. The focus of crowd measurement has shifted to maintaining social distance between people and ensuring that there is an effective way for people to measure their progress and success of this endeavour.  

Current crowd management and social distancing practices lack consistency and accuracy. This combined with inefficient data collection techniques present significant problems for decision makers, including security companies, state and local government, law enforcement and private sector owners/operators of venues. The DCM solution was built to address this pain point, allowing decision-makers and now passengers to accurately capture, measure, and analyse crowd characteristics using Machine Learning and Neural Networks for faster, more effective, and informed space management and compliance reporting.” 

About DCM

DCM is crowd technology software that provides detailed pedestrian information needed for real time crowd management decisions that really matter. DCM uses any existing CCTV infrastructure to measure crowd density, flow and mood. New and unique, this is data driven intelligence at its best, a complete revolution in how to survey your customers. When you measure the mood of crowds you can manage crowds for better experiences. 

For more information visit www.dynamiccrowdmeasurement.com  


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