Crowd management in 2019. It wont be the same

Crowd management in 2019. It wont be the same

Monday 17 Dec 2018

Crowd & customer management won’t be the same in 2019. If you don’t start shifting to technology now, you risk meeting your event goals.

The challenge for the majority of small and large public events is identifying and maintaining better event experiences for participants, not only for safety but from a customer experience and ultimately the economic return on the investment perspective.

Today major events are controlled by shared command centres with Police, traffic and event officials gathered in a communications room. Each authority has operational objectives however an integrated goal of patron and event satisfaction has not been a focus because until now there has been no means of measuring these criteria.

But all that is changing.

Could it be that artificial intelligence can improve real-time crowd management and prevent congestion experiences that can reduce patron and tourism goodwill?

Advances in data science allow specific data sets to be predictive as well as analytic.  Machine counting via smart cameras is a faster, more accurate, non-biased and consistent as well as quantifiable.  So if you have an event planned in 2019, it’s a compelling argument that given new technology can help you monitor and enrich crowd mood, it’s time to start planning your events using technology.

Here are 3 ways you can start planning to make your event safer and return a more significant economic benefit:

  1. Include technology solutions in your event requirements scope
  2. Implement a technology solution for crowd mood monitoring
  3. Review with the rich data reporting technology solutions provide for post-event analysis

The crowd and event management benefits of using technology include:

  1. Informed decisions and better anticipation of crowd behaviour
  2. Contribute to the real-time management of pedestrians and crowds
  3. Increased crowd safety and satisfaction
  4. Better planning for crowd management.

DCM can help your management team deliver better crowd and customer experiences at small and large events. Connect with us to find out more about our AI solution for your event planning and management.