COVID technology helping to bring back events

COVID technology helping to bring back events

Thursday 11 Mar 2021

After a year of virtually no live experiences due to COVID-19, we’ve finally reached the eve of events returning. The comeback, though, won’t see us smoothly segue back into the same systems of event management. Instead, we’re facing new, figurative, crowd control barriers. Whether it’s a need for social distancing or understanding unexpected moods from excitable audiences, event organisers and venue managers must stay ahead of the curve.

So, how do we get crowds back into venues safely and sensibly? Machine based insight on crowd characteristics is the key, enriching venues with the ability to automatically and accurately evaluate crowds. Aside from providing event managers with rich data surrounding crowd size, it facilitates in-the-moment decisions to increase capacity, reduce congestion and allocate appropriate resources, such as security.

Currently, major events are controlled by shared command centres, with police, traffic officials and event managers gathered in the same communication room. While each group has a clear objective in what they’re monitoring, there’s often not a common goal, neglecting audience satisfaction at the expense of time-consuming manual monitoring and crossed wires.

This system is set for an update. Events AI is crowding out outdated practices with its unerring accuracy and ease of use, allowing for total real-time crowd management, ensuring audiences are as satisfied and relaxed as newly empowered event organisers.

So how does it work? DCM’s software taps into existing CCTV, providing control rooms with real-time data on crowd metrics, including crowd density, flow, mood, head-count, social-distancing and compliance. Safety officers can then use this to make instant, informed decisions at large-scale events, steadying the sea of people via a flow of current data.

Considering every single person and the space around them, the technology enables event organisers to glean the headcount per area, the average distance between audience members and - most relevantly right now - the social distancing compliance between pairs, or groups of people. 

Since the technology uses existing cameras, every area of an arena is covered. Working from entry to exit (turnstile queues, seating and terraces in between), DCM technology instantly determines crowd characteristics and provides real-time insights to decision makers. The power of this technology has been proven over the last two years, being deployed at large-scale events to marked success.


As well as being faster than human analysis, machine assessment gifts you with accurate and unbiased information that replaces human error with smart precision. Heading into a time where monitoring crowd size, distancing and behaviour has never been more vital, using intelligent technology not only lets you gain an exact picture of the present, but also predicts what may lay ahead. 

It’s this anticipation of the near future that’ll empower event managers to make rapid, well-informed decisions that maximise crowd satisfaction, ensuring that the event world’s own comeback tour lands rave reviews. 

DCM can empower you with intelligent solutions to optimise crowd control at your events. Connect with us now to find out more.