Accurate, Automated, Privacy Protected.

DCM has developed computer vision analytics to detect pedestrians, estimate their position and calculate the distance between them. The system operates with existing CCTV, protects people’s privacy and provides real-time insights on social distancing compliance.
Video: How it Works
SD dashboard

Geospatial Heatmap

Based on neural networks and deep learning, the DCM dashboard reports on quantitative measures of social distance, with the ability to display insights from multiple locations across a geospatial heatmap.


Zone Monitoring

Visual insights on average distancing and percentage compliance are displayed within a zone monitor for each location, with the ability to examine trends across various time frames.

Frame 40

Notifications Manager

The notifications manager provides updates on changes to social distancing across multiple locations, with the ability to customise notifications to specific requirements.

Data Playback

The data playback feature provides real time and retrospective data analysis. It enables you to validate the data against a live image and provides users with a deep understanding of  moments and metrics


How is the information useful?

Evidence for relaxing or imposing social distancing measures.
Real time identification of areas  susceptible to shorter average distance between pedestrians.
Research and development of predictive outbreak models, currently based on assumptions around social distancing.